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Full-fledged KR-1 compound feed.

For feeding of young growth of KRS at the age of 10-75 days

KR-1 Compound feed represents a compound of the components which are completely providing need in nutritious mineral and biologically the active agents for young growth of cattle. Use for feeding of KR-1 compound feed provides the healthy growth and development of a gastrointestinal tract of young growth, works out immunity against pathogenic microbes, and also promotes formation of high productivity and stable daily additional weights to 550gr. per day.

Maintenance of a crude protein : 21%-28% Form : granules Dosage : 0,3-0,8 kg. on 1 head per day.

is Fed with milk in the beginning, and then in a dry form. Storage life: 1 month from the moment of manufacture.

is at least

Figures of merit on 1 kg of compound feed
the Crude protein, the %, is at least 21,0
Crude cellulose, %, no more 4,9
Fodder units in 100kg, Exchange energy, MDZh/kg 125,0
of 11,6
Calcium, %, is at least 1,0
Phosphorum, %, is at least 0,6
Chloride of sodium, % no more 1,0
Moisture, %, no more 14,0
Vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B12
of Salt micro and macrocells Manganese, zinc, iron, magnesium, copper, cobalt, iodine, selenium.

Composition of full-fledged KR-1 compound feed: Barley shelushenny, corn, meal sunflower, meal soy, dairy sugar, поркомилк, oil rape, yeast fodder, phosphate, gepatronik, BIO of Sorb, BIO of Tsit, chalk, salt, premix.

The recommended daily food allowance
Age of a calf the Average daily consumption rate of compound feed, kg
of 10-35 days 0,3-0,6
of 35-75 days 0,6-0,8

Feed td with milk in the beginning, and then in a dry form. high-protein is recommended to be fed KR-1 (28%) with corn 50:50.