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Open Joint Stock Company “Bereza Feed Mill” traces its history from July 19, 1944, when after the liberation of Berezovsky district from the Nazi invaders in the village. Bluden organized grain-item “Zagotzerno”, whose main activity was the acceptance of a grain food and feed required for the needs of the front.

Upon completion of construction and commissioning in 1975, feed mill, with capacity of 100 tons of feed per day, grain-item “Zagotzerno” was reorganized in Bereza Feed Mill. In 1985, the company commissioned a metallic silo with a capacity of 43.3 thousand tons with a receiver for the simultaneous unloading of two rail cars. May 27, 1994, the company, according to the Ministry of State Property solutions, transformed into an open joint stock company.

During the annual overhaul in the feed shop in January-February 2000, the replacement of the dosing line-mixing. Instead of bulk dispensers installed belt weighers. While this is a high-tech industrial complex compound feed, which includes 12 metering, mixing and control system that makes it possible to automatically adjust the metering, quickly move to other recipes feed, automatic control of all the parameters of dosing, mixing, eliminates errors staff.

The territory of the company covers 12.8 hectares. On it are 14 types of warehouses for storage of grain, rapeseed, flour, cereals, non-grain raw materials, manufacturing complex feed, metal granary, workshop pelleting feed, plant oilseed rape, grain drying complex, gas boiler, railroad tracks, an office building and auxiliary facilities .

On January 16, 2003 JSC “Berezovsky KCP” leased at the farm “Voskhod” pig farm in the village. Soshitsa that from 18.12.2006 the year by reorganizing attached to the enterprise.

There has been a technological re-weight economy – first in 2004 and then the railway scales in 2009 and the company truck scales have been translated into tensor sensors.

2006 installed on a metal silo (MZH) enterprise modern thermometry system that allows you to control the temperature in the silos directly to monitor production and technological laboratory. Since the beginning of 2006, all the workpiece units of the enterprise began to work in the new local system experienced a computer program “Niva”.

In 2009, it built and put into operation a complex grain drying capacity of 40 tons per hour and a gas boiler with Italian equipment, which allowed the work to further build a pelletizing plant feed.